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DiaHem AG Diagnostic Products
DiaMed is the leading company in blood group serology, with over a million tests performed daily, world wide, with the ID-System.

We offer a large range of diagnostic products for Haemostasis, Haematology, Infectious Disease and other diagnostic fields.

DiaHem AG is partner and distributor of DiaMed GmbH, Cressier/Switzerland.

DiaHem AG was formed in 1991 to act as sole distributor and service provider for product manufactured by DiaMed AG Switzerland. The Head Office is now based in Bülach, small picturesque town close to Zürich. Nearness of Zurich airport (6 km) assures quick and sufficient communication with all the markets.

DiaHem AG supplies ID-Microtyping Systems to more than 800 blood transfusion laboratories in 10 countries: Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria.

A total of over 60 professional staff are employed to ensure that each of our customers receive fast, efficient and friendly service. Telephone and field service engineer support –Instrument Support Specialists, are available on a 24/7 basis 365 days of the year. As well, our Product Support Managers stay on disposal to all our customers regarding any scientific advice and support. 

General Manager: Mr. Zelimir Dzambas

DiaHem AG works according to DiaMed Quality Management System